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Descriptions of the Activities

Whilst the emphasis is on FUN, safety is of paramount importance and the group is always fully supervised when appropriate. Below is a list of some of our activities and a brief description.

TeamCANOEING: a large open-cockpit canoe paddled solo or with two or three other paddlers. We usually go for a trip up or downstream if we are at Harlow and practice skills at ESSA.

KAYAKING: a closed-cockpit boat paddled solo. A spray deck can be worn and skills are encouraged. Members can also take part in kayak sessions at other venues and winter pool sessions to improve skills.

CLIMBING: wearing a safety harness and helmet climb the 4-sided outdoor climbing wall or the fantastic new indoor climbing wall and then have a go at belaying for a friend. Trips are occasionally organised to Harrison's Rock in Kent.

MB AbseilABSEILING: once you've climbed the wall abseil off the top! Great fun! Occasionally we abseil of the nearby road bridge during a Problem Solving session.

MOUNTAIN BIKING: grab a bike, helmet and a lurid day-glo top and then we're off up and down hill getting muddy in local area or countryside. Hardly ever get lost now.

PROBLEM SOLVING: anything could happen on this session! Usually working as part of a team or sometimes individually to work out puzzles and challenges. Usually a dry activity but definitely wet in the summer!

ORIENTEERING: grab a map and walkie-talkie and as part of a team follow directions from Base Camp to solve the clues and be the first team back.

ARCHERY: addictive - your skills (usually) keep improving during this session (plus an opportunity to have a natter).

BUMBLE: picture a ramble along the river bank and then you're encouraged to jump in! Wearing a wetsuit and helmet this session offers a variety of challenges and is VERY wet and mucky.

DRAGON BOATS: working as a team with everyone paddling (and 1 person to bang the drum) this is a very pleasant way to spend a Wednesday morning.

MB ZipHIGH ROPES: The course is a variety of climbing and balancing challenges all very high up. Safety harnesses and helmets are worn and you can belay for a friend under supervision. Popular elements are the zip wire, para-descender, Jacob's ladder, trapeze, balancing beams and milk crate challenge.

LOW ROPES: teamwork skills and balancing challenges all very low down! A popular event and a great laugh too!

RAMBLES: in local countryside in Essex or Herts.

DINGHY SAILING: at ESSA in Nazeing have a go at sailing Toppers, Lazers or something bigger. Full instruction and safety boat on duty. Wet suits provided and helmets if required.

WINDSURFING: again at Nazeing learn the techniques under instruction on the simulator and then you're off. Safety boat on duty. Wet suits provided.

MB Land YachtROWING: single-handled boat rowed on the River Stort from Harlow Outdoors.

OFF-ROAD BOARDING: looks like a skate-board with wheels. Wearing protective garments roll down (and fall down) hills and slopes in local area.

ANNUAL TRIP: once a year the group organises a 3-day, action packed adventure trip.

MISCELLANEOUS: ice-skating trips, gliding, and family sea side trips during holidays.