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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I haven't done much sport since I was a girl. How fit and confident do I have to be?
A: She Who Dares was set up with the aim of enabling women to 'have a go' and get fit and skilled in the process. Many of our members started out very hesitantly in the activities and now relish their weekly 'fix'. The beauty of it is that you are in an environment which supports and encourages you to develop your confidence and you go away from a session determined to go a little further, higher or longer next time.

Q: I've never climbed, sailed or kayaked before. Can I still come along?
A: All the formal sessions are lead by qualified coaches who will work with you to teach and then develop your skills. In addition, within the session, you work with other group members who are experienced and can also help in bringing on your skills. Before long you will find yourself encouraging and helping someone else new to the group. No more will you be content to hold the coats while your family goes off to have all the fun!

Q: What will I need to wear for wet activities?
A: You will be able to borrow waterproof trousers and jackets from ESSA at no charge. If you have your own, bring those. If you have a wetsuit you might like to wear it underneath the waterproofs. Wet shoes are also a great idea, otherwise wear old trainers. Bring a towel and wash kit if you'd like to have a shower afterwards.

Q: What will I need to wear for other activities?
A: You will need comfortable clothing, trainers or boots and waterproof jacket/trousers if it looks like rain!

Q: How much will I need to pay?
A: Most events cost £8 per person. Some events such as walks and bike rides are 'fundraising' events and cost £5 or less. Special events such as gliding are charged at cost.

Q: How do I book?
A: Please use the Events and Booking option and follow the link for whichever event you want to book. This takes you straight to our booking facility which is managed by Eventbrite.

Q: Can I cancel my booking?
A: Yes, all you need to do is send an email to bookings@shewhodares.info.  You need to cancel because we are limited to numbers at some venues and you may be preventing someone else from taking part. You may still be charged £8 if you DO NOT cancel your booking.